oh Canada!

Long weekend ahead. Holl-a!

Canada Day is coming up and this means there is only one place you will find me – PUGWASH baby! Almost all of my 34 Canada Day weekends have been spent in this small seaside town where they host a celebration called ‘Gathering of the Clans‘… which I thought for the longest time, was ‘Gathering of the Clams’ (lobster dinner harbour town, Nova Scotia… you can understand my confusion).

Anywaay. As a kid, this was a BIG day – a parade, the Bill Lynch Carnival, hanging with the cousins, highland dancers, toss the caber, bagpipes… what more do you need?

Sadly, all of the cousins have moved away, but there are a few children around to evoke some nostalgia. I will likely take David on a carni-ride and stuff cotton candy in our faces. Who knows? I can say, it will be fun and I will be thinking of all the family who can’t be with us to celebrate the day.–xo-meg

Canada Day

On a side note, here’s our newly hung CANADA flag – I am seeing that the house is becoming a bit too matchy-matchy with the red and white overload. Oh well, it’s a holiday and the yard work is stalled so we need to make pretty somehow. Full frontal of the exterior to come, stay tuned for an update.


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