hot stuff

OH how I live for summer. There is nothing I dislike about warm weather except for bugs, sunburns and sweat – but no one likes any of these – so moving on … Summer is coming! It has been a tough spring and I am finally ready to shed some layers and dream of long hot days ahead.

Here is my (first of many) WISH list… This list could be much longer but I’ve gathered 12 hot items I would love this season:

summer wish-1

A.  A Fancy accessory that will keep “D” close-by at all times. / B. As a lover and collector of all things Swiss, a fun newSwatch would be nice. / C. Orla Kiely is not just for the beach, but this beauty would look great on sand. / D. This Polka-dot two-piecer is so cute. / E.  I already have (and love) these but they’re going on year-three and a back-up pair would be handy. / F.  New trail runners for some summer race plans. / G.  MINI + denim + colour = yes please! / H.  Ray-Ban‘s that I promise to take care of. / I.  A light summer dress is great for days without AC in the home-office. / J.  I adore these running shorts, I already have two pair but a third pair wouldn’t hurt. / K.  This would look great with the skirt! / L.  My old pair are not looking to good.

I hope things warm-up for y’all!  –xo-meg

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