i do!

Being a lady in my thirties, I’ve been to quite a few weddings over the past eight years (including my own) and all of them have been in the Maritimes with the exception of one. I pay a lot of attention to the details and have noticed there are a lot of reoccurring themes going on. This is in no way disrespectful because I have loved it all, but I does make me wonder if it’s just a Maritime-thing or if everyone get’s down and parties for the bride and groom like we do here.

Over the weekend I attended a friend’s wedding and the best part about it was that the guest list included my whole family. Despite the weather, the day was perfect. A mini-reunion!

I am excited to attend a good friend’s wedding at the end of the summer in Montreal… and with no pressure to the bride; I am curious to know what it is going to be like. Will there be dance circles and sing-a-longs? Sweet Caroline? Will there be a family member dancing on the table and a sports-commentator announcing the arrival of the bridal party? Will the toast be more like roast?

I am planning to work with my friend Shannon (my wedding photographer) this summer as her photo assistant at a couple of local weddings. It will be fun to get into the trenches and observe a few weddings like a fly on the wall. Watching strangers having a great time celebrating someone’s special day will hopefully inspire me to be more involved in event planning as a part of my career. Happy wedding season, love is in the air. –xo-meg

celebrating erin and cameron's wedding with aimee and jodie

celebrating erin and cameron’s wedding with aimee and jodie

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