“I am NEEEVVVVVER going to buy a digital camera.” Yes, I said that. At the time, I really didn’t think digital cameras would stick but obviously I was wrong.

I am only on my second digital – we bought a point-and-shoot when we were first married that was nice but I didn’t give it much respect and eventually passed it on. However, like 99.9% of expecting parents, I ran (waddled) to the store and bought a fancy new camera before David arrived. This was when I accepted the fact that my ol’ film Nikon needed to be replaced by a digital version. This was financially smart considering the crazy amount of picture taking since then. (No wonder we are growing into a selfie-obsessed culture – David has an exclusive digital album of +1,600 photos.)

david michael

The camera I bought five years ago was a Nikon D60 – certainly not the cream of the crop but it did the trick. I wanted to stay with a Nikon because I was positive I’d continue using my film camera too and could switch around lenses. Okay, so that didn’t happen, nor do I even use manual very often but it is always nice to know I can… right?

Now that I am a super successful blogger with a following of five, I have decided to take the next step and replace the lens on my camera. I do not consider myself to be great at photography, but I’d like to work on it and figure a new lens will inspire me to turn off the auto-focus more and make the camera work better than what I capture on my iPhone.

I briefly spoke to a few people at local camera shops and the consensus is to keep my Nikon body and upgrade the lens to a50mm. I may also splurge on a tripod!

With this being said, WAIT FOR IT… the photos should improve. Happy shooting –xo-meg

AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f1.8G

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