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One item on my ‘life list‘ was to find a cookbook and cook every recipe in it. Daunting right? Well my dear friend Erin was quick to offer-up a suggestion. Hello PLENTY. I have dived in and conquered three recipes already… in one day… for guests. I know, ahmaazing!

So here’s my feedback so far (opps, I forgot to take pictures). I felt a bit like Anna and Kristina … and was quick to confirm I am more Anna-like with the language but that’s not the point. The three dishes were:

  1. Marinated buffalo mozzarella and tomato. *You had me at ‘buffalo mozzarella’!
  2. Sweet potato cakes (with a great dipping sauce).
  3. Saffron tagliatelle with spiced butter. *Delicious but spicy kids!

I must say; I am pretty pleased with the outcome of all three dishes. The recipes were not too complicated and it was an enjoyable afternoon. The only downside I see is the crazy-amount of herbs required. Throughout the summer it will be okay with my garden outback however, our local grocery stores force you to buy a truckload of cilantro when you only need a small handful. Very frustrating, not to mention expensive!

So please don’t expect the next 120+ recipes to be completed any time soon as this item on the ‘life list’ will be more like a (ultra)marathon than a sprint however; it’s nice to be on my way.


… And while we are on the topic of reading, here are some others lying around my house that I’ve been enjoying:

1. With the warmer weather, I am enjoying running again. I kept up with it through the winter but it was not as fun… So when spring came, the trail shoes were dusted off and I was inspired to read Born to Run. It is Bluenose Race Weekend and hopefully this book will inspire me to dig deeper.

2. Magazines, magazines and magazines. Besides my regular subscriptions to AnthologySunsetDwell and Style at Home, I picked up a copy of Uppercase magazine. The current issue is the Stationary Edition and it was drool-worthy. Thanks Nancy for the recommendation.

3. I just finished The Fault in Our Stars, a great young adult book and now I want more! Looking forward to seeing this one go big-screen.

I think some more Young Adult novels are in my near future. Easy reading for the summer is a perfect idea. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. –xo-meg

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