thanks mom

Mother’s Day is coming up and I just spent a weekend with my mom so she’s top on my list right now. We survived our annual 24hr eco endurance challenge – basically a long trek through the woods relying on a compass and map. A little stiff, a little scratched up and a lot tired makes for quality mother-daughter bonding. I laughed, because during the adventure, I mentioned that my friend’s mom was in town visiting and they were spending the day shopping… completely opposite of what we were doing!

​Jill, me, mom and alice at EC2 2013

​Jill, me, mom and alice at EC2 2013

In celebration of my mom, here is a list of 10 things that make her extra special to me.​

  1. My mom loves being outdoors and I thank her for ingraining that in me.
  2. ​My mom and dad surprised me by driving to Philadelphia (from Nova Scotia) to see my first marathon. My mom even trained a bit so she could jump in a support me along the route. I am positive that I wouldn’t of finished it without her.
  3. My mom taught me the importance of being a strong woman.
  4. My mom was there for the birth of my child and stayed by my side the whole time.
  5. My mom makes the best scrambled eggs. She’s also the champion mac and cheese chef and always cooks amazing meals when we visit.
  6. My mom threw me in the car and dragged me (crying and screaming) to Concordia University because she knew it was the right place for me. I wanted to stay home and go to school with my friends but my mom knew I had to break away and study something I loved.
  7. My mom and dad are super-supportive. They are generous and giving and often forget we are grown adults and don’t need to be spoiled by them!
  8. My mom never favours one of her three daughters over the others but shows her love for each of us in different ways.
  9. My mom showed me the importance of working hard and doing something that I love.
  10. My mom is awesome and I have her mom to thank for that.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the awesome moms out there. –xo-meg

​Card by Paper Society Co.​

​Card by Paper Society Co.​

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