a bucket list or a life list?

Being a list-gal, I figured it is important to write up a bucket list – shall we call it a life list instead? It is nice to take the time to think about what’s important in life, and for me, it is clear that family, friends and travel are on top. This is a fun beginning of a list that will likely grow, but hopefully, items will get crossed off too. It is also nice to pat yourself on the back once in a while, so I’ve included a few items that have already been done. (These are in no particular order.)

Places to go
Belgium – Pantone Hotel in Brussels
• Buy a rug in Morocco
Buy a cuckoo clock in Germany
Hike in Hawaii with David
• Visit Texas and go dancing
• Take the family to Disney World (Land)
• Do a wine tour in Italy
• Drive through the Rockies in BC
• Buy a Swatch in Switzerland
• South America
• Go on a vacation with Erin and Jill
• Go on a vacation with a bunch of girlfriends
• Cross the Sydney Harbour Bridge
• Photograph the Matterhorn with a Toblerone Bar

Hope to accomplish
Run a third marathon
• Be debt-free (mortgage included)
• Learn how to solve a Rubik’s Cube
• Choose a good cookbook and cook every recipe in it
• Give only handmade gifts for a year
• Send a letter once a week for a year
• Learn to use my camera (somewhat like a professional)

Dreamy experiences
• Live in another country for a year
• Buy dinner for a large group of friends
• Take an extended vacation
• Go to the Olympics
Buy new ski gear and start skiing again – or snowboarding
Buy land and build a summer home (cabin)
• Learn to sail and set off with Mike and David for a wee bit
Join a team
Attend a professional football (soccer) game with my nephews
Fly in a helicopter or small plane and overcome my fear
• Try mountain climbing

Did it, done it!
• Ran a marathon (two!)
• Had a baby – a natural birth
• Renovated a house
• Planned a wedding (not just my own)
• Won a national medal (war canoe)
• Walked across the Brooklyn Bridge
• Walked across the Golden Gate Bridge
• Walked across the London Bridge
• Walked across the Confederation Bridge
• Entered the Grand Canyon
• Skated on the Rideau Canal
• Lived in another city for a year – Je t’aime Montreal
• Got a perm


​Finishing the Philadelphia marathon

​Finishing the Philadelphia Marathon

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