easter with a toddler boy

David turns four next month and he is a true BOY: Active with little time to sit still for crafting. I would love to be a crafter – I spend most of my time in front of the computer but my inner fine-arts degree begs for glue, paint and mess once in a while. So when a holiday approaches, I do my best to attempt something crafty. This week the Saint Paddy’s Day shamrocks came down, and the eggs went up. I love the seasonal clothes line!​

cutting and colouring with David

cutting and colouring with David

After the eggs were hung, I just couldn’t stop… that’s when I saw a great idea on another blog and thought, ‘hey, we can do that’. So here we go, in what I like to call a Pinterest Fail. It started with not having an egg-shaped cookie cutter – I did however have bunnies and chicks so figured, heck – this works! I had the twine and spray paint so we were off running. (Crafting is always easier when you have the supplies on-hand.) David hung out with me for about twenty minutes – not bad… and then, I was alone in the kitchen working away… The craft itself was easy, however, I should of put more effort into smoothing out the shapes and inserting the holes in better spots prior to baking.

easter ordaments

The next day, when it came to spray painting, it was cold and snowing so we went fast. I think they turned out good enough… however there is definitely room for improvement next year!​ -xo-meg


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